Fiction + Poetry -


Meet Sam Bully-Thomas and more of our writers here




The first of our unique series of guidebooks designed to inspire adventures in modern cities


Released 28 November 2016


Tokyo Prints -


Choose from eight high-quality large-scale prints of some of our favourite images from the Wundor City Guide Tokyo


Photo by Koji Sato

New Fiction -


Order Scratch, a 'ripping tale... of dreams and darkness, humans and houses, and the creatures those houses are meant to keep out...'




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Wundor x Alighieri -


We collaborated with Alighieri Jewellery to make an innovative silver bookmark, which becomes a pendant when you swap the ribbon for the chain provided. The Cygnus Loop is named after the remnant of a supernova, which forms a circle in deep space


Photo by Rosh Mahtani




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