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Wundor’s city guides are designed to give you a way into the real city you are visiting. We are bombarded with so many observations and images relating to the world’s exciting urban environments, many of which centre around shops and the obvious sights and attractions. The same carefully styled interiors and shots of flat whites abound in magazines around the world, tricking us into thinking that all cities are becoming essentially the same place. They aren’t.


Our guides offer up authentic insights and views on each city. Beautiful images take you through the backstreets and capture inspiring details and moments that reveal a sense of time and place. They offer writing that will introduce you to the most authentic places - not just the best tourist destinations. The recommendations of sites, restaurants, shops and more are based on quality, not always on what happens to be most fashionable. You will be introduced to real people from these cities, and learn about them from the inside-out.

Wundor City Guides are for the traveller who wants to go beyond the obvious and make their own adventure, and for the reader who is looking for inspiration wherever they are in the world.


Each guide is printed on premium photobook paper with a card cover and a glossy dust jacket. They contain over 100 beautiful photographs and illustrations, travel writing, advice on geographical and cultural navigation, a directory of the best places to visit and much more.


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‘A beautiful (and incredibly helpful) Tokyo travel guide - the first in their city guide series - manages to combine the feel and aesthetic of a high-end art magazine with literary travel writing, and a bevy of hyper-local tips.’


The Culture Trip

‘A book that’s not only beautiful, but a guide that will inspire a generation of travellers to explore, rather than be led.’


Rachel Ramsay, Travel Documentary Producer, Channel 4




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