Wundor Street Photography Contest 2018 Results


Many thanks to all who entered our inaugural street photography contest this year. Submissions arrived from all over the world, and it was exciting to be given such a thorough cross-section of what is happening on the ground at the moment. As is always the case with street photography, the byways of the world's cities and towns were captured in images that fell into two rough groups: those that placed people at their centre, and those that focused on the lines, depth and colour contained in the cities themselves. But the best pictures were able to combine the human element with the formal environment built by people, to convey something ineffable about the way in which we inhabit the world around us. The top three photographs, including our winning shot, are shown below.


Matthew Smith

Writer / Photographer / Publisher




WINNER: Raul Raschetti

A Different Street

The infinity zone created by the mist at the end of this street, the rain-soaked lane leading into it, the alternating directions faced by the law enforcement figures in masks and the backs turned to them by the men on the left, at once stubborn and submissive, means the mystery of this photograph becomes more engaging the more you look at it. The man in the sombrero in the foreground breaks the fourth wall and seems to ask us if we really want the burden of knowing what is at stake here.


The Painting Wall

The images drawn onto the Painting Wall seem to have been created in a spirit of  fun and with great artistic attention to detail. The fact that machine guns are depicted alongside crops, and older male figures are shown spraying bullets past children on swings only becomes apparent after a few moments. The young girls who are in the process of adding a new picture to this panoramic description of their social environment cover up the creative process with their backs, deepening our sense of suspense.

THIRD PLACE: Richard Newton

Dresden, Germany

The unexpected beauty inherent in the transitional spaces people create is captured here in Richard Newton's photograph. The trams and the road-bound vehicles remind us that this is a section of a city-in-use, not simply a beguiling piece of graphic design.




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