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Wundor lives by the highest standards of design in print and digital. Our company and our extended family of creatives share a deep knowledge and understanding of the way in which design, images and words can house the spirit of a company and grant it the power of expression.


Language is a key component of the process of communication, not an afterthought.


We believe that creative thinking leads to joyful engagement with brands and their products and services.


With international experience, we sit at the centre of a global network of creatives and thinkers.


We have deep entrepreneurial experience, building companies from the inside out, with acclaimed print publications stocked in the best bookshops around the world as well as engaging digital platforms.


We believe that the best companies enrich peoples' lives, and that creating them is fun.



We work with companies to:


Create and develop their brand


Create and develop specific campaigns in digital and print


Help them to approach domestic and foreign markets


Develop their working culture to instil creative thinking






Griffin and Bell Education


Branding, website and GBTV online tuition platform

Hampstead Village


Branding, website and website content for one of London's most famous and historic villages

Nova Noto


Branding and website

Wundor Books


Innovative design and content. Stocked in the best bookshops in the world

Wundor x Alighieri


Cygnus Loop Bookmark/Pendant design collaboration




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