Sadly Ginger + White in Hampstead will not be eligible as it is our local café of choice...

Wundor Editions loves cafés – of course, books and coffee go hand-in-hand. But we plan to

have a favourite every year.

We love to travel and to seek out the truly unique and wonderful wherever we go. So we want to hear about your indispensable coffee shop, wherever you are based in the world.


Whoever makes the winning recommendation will win a year's supply of Wundor books and a tote bag.

Nine runners up will receive Wundor totes.


We will have the pleasure of visiting the coffee shop. We will make an in-depth feature on it that will be up on the Wundor website for a year – and we will include you in the feature if you'd like us to!

Hit the button below to enter, or spread the word on social media using

#wundorstopcafe and #wundoreditions and tag your fellow coffee

lovers and your favourite coffee shop. Entry is free.


Good luck!












Spell It Out


Let us know why it’s your favourite café in 400 words or less. Why is it unique? And why is it so special to you?

Of course we want to hear about the quality of the coffee. But we also want to hear about all of the manifold details that make your coffee shop exceptional. It might be the friendly atmosphere. It might be various aspects of the design, from the coffee cups to the furniture. It might be the way the light falls on the outdoor seating at just the right time of year. It might be the way in which it blends into the local community, making it a cornerstone of your neighbourhood. Or it might be the way that it hides away from the world, creating a secret community of its own.

We love unusual places, like Omotesando Koffee (RIP) which was stationed in a small traditional house in Aoyama, Tokyo. We love simple, relaxed environments that make you want to linger all day – we’re looking at you, Satan’s Coffee Corner in Barcelona. It doesn't need to serve espresso-based coffee. We're also partial to filtered, stove-top and Turkish – anything at all as long as the quality is exceptional. And it doesn't need to be trendy – old classics are often the best, although good design and an interesting location will help, of course.

Don’t hold back on the loving details. The competition will be strong, so we will need persuading!



Details and Prizes


Once you have submitted your coffee shop, it’s officially in the mix. You have till the end of August to submit your description consisting of 400 words or less. Entry is free.


In September, we will create our short-list of ten coffee shops that we are most inspired to visit. Your own written description of your favourite place will be published on our website if it makes it this far.

We will then be conducting our own research to select the winning café from the short-list. The winner will be announced in September.

In October, we will be visiting our new favourite coffee shop. We will make an in-depth feature on it that will be up on the Wundor website for a year. We will be taking photos and interviewing coffee drinkers - most prominently yourself, as the chief nominee, if you’d like us to!

You will also win a year’s membership of Wundor Editions, including a year's supply of Wundor books

and a fetching tote.


Simply hit the entry button above to get involved!





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